With decades of extensive experience in the Landscape Irrigation System Design and Construction industry for both residential and commercial environments. The RainMen are highly skilled and experienced to handle any size landscape irrigation system design and construction project in the Greater Chicagoland Area that you can imagine. 

We understand that no two environments, landscapes, or sites are the same. As such, we believe that a careful assessment of the individual needs of our clients, their site and environment are vital to producing a landscape irrigation system design plan that truly meets the needs of your environment. We are are large enough to handle any size landscape irrigation system or landscape lighting project, from small residential systems to large commercial corporate campuses and everything in-between. When we design a landscape irrigation system, we take into account all of the following factors and circumstances to ensure that we meet or exceed industry best practice standards to develop a landscape irrigation system design that will be both efficient, effective, economical and provide lasting value for our clients. 

Water access and availability - Specific water requirements for individual plant, grass, tree, and shrubbery for the environment - Water and site drainage - Runoff mitigation - Irrigation System energy efficiency - Water preservation and efficiency System pressure load and GPM rate of coverage - Drip irrigation system requirements - Sprinkler head coverage overlap - System zoning and scheduling - Climate and environmental considerations - Seasonal maintenance requirements  
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